Jemele Hill at George Washington University

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

At George Washington University, Jemele Hill, the former ESPN reporter whose career at the network came to an abrupt end when she called President Trump a “white supremacist,” injected herself into a current controversy. “When she returned to her Florida residence, where she has voted since 2005, to vote early in this year’s midterms, Ms. Hill found that she had been removed from the rolls,” Ruth Steinhardt reported on GW Today. “Surprised, she filed a provisional ballot and asked her poll workers to investigate.”

“Later, an apologetic call from the county supervisor of elections explained that her name had been flagged as potentially fraudulent—due to an Instagram post in which she discussed leaving Los Angeles and her support for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.” Is it possible that Hill’s own use of social media contributed to the confusion?