Left’s Anti-Limbaugh Tactics

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MSCO CEO Mark Stevens spoke last Tuesday at The Heritage Foundation’s Bloggers Briefing about the recent threats made to his company as a result of the supposed “war on women.” Stevens’ global marketing company, MSCO, came under fire after his decision to remain an advertiser for Rush Limbaugh, despite Limbaugh’s controversial comment about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke. MSCO employees—specifically Stevens and the female demographic—began receiving specific, violent threats in an effort to drive Stevens out of business immediately after his decision to continue supporting Limbaugh’s show.

Stevens appeared on multiple talk shows counteracting the threats and promising he would do anything but back down. He later received thousands of emails from people who supported his decision to face his critics and stand up for his beliefs.

He shared his story to expose the fact that America is being threatened by a new type of terrorism: Americans themselves. The fear instilled by the people who targeted his company was an act of terrorism, as part of the internal war on America. “We have to decide whether we are going to be the winners or the losers in this war. Right now, we are the losers,” said Stevens, stating that the winners are “people who don’t love America.”

In order to become the winning side, Stevens believes conservatives and businesses first need to admit there is an ongoing internal war, and shift attitudes by fixing the current American culture. “The election may win us the presidency, but we still have to change the culture.” The ‘terrorists’ who have instilled this culture are much more threatening to the foundation of America because they focus not on political candidates, but on targeting successful American businesses like MSCO.

Stevens explained the American way of life now is increasingly to demonize success and to take away success of those who have rightfully earned it. “They can destroy my company, I’ll build another one,” said Stevens. “But they can’t destroy America.”

Sara Cummings is an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia.

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