Lewis & Clark Cabal Shout Down Sommers

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

A cabal of demonstrators shouted down author Christina Hoff Sommers when she appeared at Lewis & Clark University. “The chaos inside the lecture hall at Lewis & Clark Law School was only part of the problem,” Sommers wrote on Twitter. “Protesters outside were chanting loudly.. most of the students, conservatives & progressives, were civil. A noisy minority was willing to impose its will on everyone else.”

“This seems to be true in most campus censorship incidents I’ve covered,” Robby Soave wrote on the Reason magazine blob in his write-up of the event. “Many students want to listen to the speaker and ask questions at the appropriate time.”

“A small cabal of illiberal activists are resolutely opposed to any speech that offends them, on grounds that said speech is itself a form of violence against marginalized people.”