Liberal Arts Economics

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2010 graduates majoring in the liberal arts got more bad job market news last week with the release of the Spring 2010 Salary Survey results.

“The National Association of Colleges and Employers said Thursday that average salary offers to 2010 bachelor’s degree candidates are down 1.7% to $47,673, compared to $48,515 offered to last year’s graduates,” reported Hibah Yousuf for on April 8.

“Last year’s graduates had a tougher time landing jobs, but starting salaries only slipped 1.2% compared with 2008 graduates, said NACE employment information manager Andrea Koncz,” reports Yousuf.

“Students seeking liberal arts degrees may face the hardest blow due to the recession,” he writes. “Their average initial pay offers are down 8.9% at $33,540, based on data collected from college and university career services offices for students earning bachelor’s degrees across 70 disciplines.”

This does not hold true for a variety of disciplines that Yousuf cites, especially computer-related and electrical engineering degrees. “For engineering students, initial pay offers are 1.2% higher at $59,149,” writes Yousuf.

“Electrical engineering majors’ salaries have jumped the most, by 3% to $59,326.” In addition, “The average pay for students earning computer-related degrees has climbed 5.8% to $58,746.”

Bethany Stotts is a staff writer at Accuracy in Academia.