Maryland Lawyers: To Help Black Colleges, Move Programs from Mostly White Colleges

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

You can’t make this up… lawyers proposing moving an entire program from one college to another in the name of a civil rights lawsuit?

Civil rights attorneys in Maryland argued yesterday that, as a remedy for the state college system’s history of racial segregation, some 100 academic programs at predominantly white schools should be axed … and moved to historically black institutions (HBCUs).

The state counters that such a redress would have a “‘catastrophic effect’ on the institutions and harm students of all races.”

As reported by The Baltimore Sun, this case stems from a 2006 lawsuit when a “coalition of alumni, faculty and advocates” from HBCs “argued that marquee academic programs at well-funded, traditionally white public universities erode similar programs at historically black colleges.”

Photo by RDECOM