Maryland’s New Show and Tell

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If you need proof that same-sex “marriage” is about more than “love,” look no further than Montgomery County, Maryland. There, parents are dealing with the fallout of the state’s redefinition of marriage with a sweeping new sex education curriculum. Moms and dads, who were already fighting an uphill battle on the content of the lessons, are now coping with the news that homosexuality will be woven throughout — shattering families’ fragile hold on parents’ rights.

Yesterday, the Montgomery County School Board took up the issue in a debate over the district’s health curriculum. Not surprisingly, there were calls for an even greater emphasis on sexual orientation, as well as introducing the topic to students earlier than ever before. In the current curriculum, kids are asked to reflect on things like “the benefits of ‘coming out,'” and the harms of “homophobia… which can he shown in mild ways like laughing at a gay joke.” “Children are not born hating. They learn to hate and fear from messages they receive while growing up,” read one section. One of the proposed videos even includes a positive look at transgenderism. “Your sexual orientation cannot change,” the text insists. “If you were attracted to women, and all of the sudden, you’re attracted to a man, it’s because you just became aware of your true orientation.” If liberals get their way, the indoctrination could begin as earlier as this fall with middle schoolers. For the County, the fireworks over sex ed are nothing new. Since 2005, parents have been in a tug-of-war over the content of the lessons, even going so far as to sue the state over the suggestion that homosexuality is innate.

In the meantime, curriculum like Montgomery County’s is just the tip of the iceberg for the changes same-sex “marriage” will bring to a classroom near you. Like the ripples created when a rock is dropped in a pond, the ripples created by the redefinition of marriage will reach far into society. That’s important for every American to understand, but especially libertarians who have yet to recognize that their “live and let live” mentality cannot work if our goal is to preserve liberty. Make sure you know how to spot these agendas in your district. Click here to download a free copy of FRC’s booklet, “Homosexuality in Your Child’s School.”

Tony Perkins heads the Family Research Council. This article is excerpted from the Washington Update that he compiles for the FRC.

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9 Responses

  1. Shootist

    May 20, 2014 1:11 pm

    Sending your children to public school is child abuse. Period. No excuses.

    The corollary; if you send your children to public school you are abusing them. Make the sacrifices necessary to save your child, or not, it’s your choice Your choice, no one else’s.

  2. Rebecca

    May 21, 2014 12:17 am

    The public school system is part of the political system, which is part of society. The first public school system in the world was started here in America by George Washington. It used to be about teaching children how to be good grownups. Now it is about how to be a Democrat Progressive and how to overturn society without firing a shot. In a university textbook for teachers that I have with the title: “School and Society,” by Tozer, Senese and Violas, 2006, it has a story on how the Irish became white… it also tells about how as a teacher, instead of worrying about new textbooks on history you can make up your own stories about what whites did to the Indians, and gives examples. And it states how the founders had it all wrong….And anyway, they are teaching the teachers pure Marxism. While it would be a good idea to take your kids out of school, you can’t remove them or yourselves from society, so pick a hill to die on and give it a fight. Not so long ago, it was taught in school that it is a part of good citizenship to go to school meetings, and/or otherwise be active in local politics. Now we have been infiltrated…kind of like what H.G. Wells wanted for us when he wrote “The New World Order,” which you can read online for free.

  3. maryloujb

    May 21, 2014 10:48 pm

    Here in California my granddaughter is learning the big bang theory, euthanasia, and socialism. She learned in middle school that you don’t say anything about homosexuals that isn’t positive. This is unbelievable and I fear I won’t recognize my own country in the next ten years. Shootist is right, don’t let your children go to public school. I wish I had put the money into sending her to private school instead of dance.

  4. terry1956

    June 15, 2014 9:15 am

    Try your best to get her out of government school.
    If you can not afford it then check out the possible private resources from the people for the separation of school and state at the following website

  5. terry1956

    June 15, 2014 9:31 am

    George Washington was a good general and being the 10th president of the US he was a fair president but a good commander in chief under the previous 9 presidents.
    Still as president he got some things seriously wrong such as going along with Hamilton in backing the first national bank, backing him again with the whisky tax as applied to some farmers unconstitutionally as a direct tax.
    Then if he backed government ( public) schools as opposed to locally run and financed common schools or locally subsidized church or private tutors then that was another serious misjudgment.
    One of the main reasons to have pre adult education is to teach civics so if the state runs or subsidizes the schools that is such a conflict of interest.
    separation of school and state is the best way

  6. terry1956

    June 15, 2014 10:00 am

    Well that is not true for many kids and many parents don’t know where to turn if they think they can not afford either a church school, private school, home school or a home school parents co-op.
    This will be my third time posting the website link of the alliance for separation of school and state but I agree as individual households we need to do what we can to get kids out of government schools plus work to eliminate them as well as government colleges and universities. Anyway the link has links to several private resources.
    shows for 2014 total federal, state and local tax payer spending on education at 1 trillion dollars.
    There is 5 million Americans born per year if that trillion was put into individual trust funds for the new borns, that would be 200,000 dollars in each of the trust funds.
    Since 1928 the over all US stock market with dividends reinvested as averaged around 10% a year, a doubling about every 7.2 years.
    Since 1871 over 8% or a doubling about every 9 years.
    according to this website
    from 1928 to 2005 small cap value stocks averaged over 15% a year or a doubling about every 4.8 years.
    Warren Buffet averaged over 19% for almost the past 50 years, that doubling almost every 3.8 years.
    Going from least to most return average
    a new born trust fund of 200,000 dollars would be worth 1.6 million dollars before age 28 with an annual average of 8%.
    the same amount before age 22 with a 10% average.
    the same amount before age 15 with a 15% average.
    the same amount before age 12 with a 19% average.
    That would be 3.2 million per couple.
    In Two generations maybe just one all government spending on health, education, welfare and retirement could be eliminated.
    By no means should the government start a trust fund, especially the federal government but the above figures does show how stupid the spending is.
    The federal government also spends over 50 billion dollars a year to give to foreign governments and the UN.
    That should be used to give a big raise to our troops some on food stamps.
    That would be an extra 30,000 dollars a year to every full time troop from E-1 to top general but enough to give the National Guard and reserves a raise.

  7. Rebecca

    June 15, 2014 11:56 am

    First, get your facts straight. 10th President of the US? And he got things seriously wrong? My. My. They have messed up with public schools. Common schools were the first public schools. And, they did teach civics. The eighth grade civics books from the 1930s, were even are harder than most college textbooks today. People were expected to be able to get a job with an 8th grade education in the 1930s if they had to. In Washington’s day, people went to work with even less education, or none at all. Schools were started in order to learn ciphering. Readin’, writin’, and rithmatic, mainly so they could keep books and records. But, they were also taught Christianity, morals, manners, and hygiene and our culture. Mostly everything else was learned around the home/farm/business and from books which were around the house. Every child could find work without going to school and could be trained on the job, and was expected to work. If they didn’t do well in school, they were not promoted. We did not babysit them then. If you know anything about Common Core, you know it is about having all the kids, even the homeschooled ones, learn the same thing. They can’t get into college without passing the Common Core oriented tests.

  8. Shootist

    June 15, 2014 12:18 pm

    I have little sympathy for stuck on stupid. I am not their nanny, nor their master, neither is it my responsibility to look out for their best interests.

    Vouchers. Vouchers. Vouchers.

    What I tell you three times is true.

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