Mizzou Student Body President: ‘Founding Fathers’ would’ve been Proud of Racial Protests

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The University of Missouri has seen its budget slashed, and enrollment drop precipitously (an estimate of 35%), and the university president said it was due to the racial protests from a year ago. However, the student body president at Mizzou disagrees with this assertion:

In a Kansas City Star op-ed Monday, Missouri Student Association President Nathan Willett said Times higher education reporter Anemona Hartocollis gave an “unreasonably and inaccurately bleak” portrayal of the political atmosphere on campus.

“The protests were entirely peaceful and nonviolent,” Willett wrote, “yet rather than celebrating this example of exactly the kind of civic expression our Founding Fathers had envisioned, this university has been repeatedly punished for it by the national press and our own state legislature.” He faulted Hartocollis for interviewing him but excluding his perspective from the story.