Most Affordable College Towns In Red States

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment has compiled a list of the most affordable college towns. Interestingly, more than half of them are in red states, indicating there may be a compromise students have to make between physical comfort and ideological compatibility.

Nevertheless, seems to have a feel for their audience/market/customers: “While it’s important to find a campus that gels with your personality, it’s no secret a city’s living cost—and a school’s tuition—can end up making your decision for you. Between rent, utilities, and groceries, a weekly $4.50 trip to Starbucks can push your monthly student budget over the limit.”

Here are the top 25 they found:

1.Helena, Montana
2.Lincoln, Nebraska
3.Augusta, Maine
4.Columbia, Missouri
5.Colorado Springs, Colorado
6.Eugene, Oregon
7.Syracuse, New York
8.Charleston, West Virginia
9.Jackson, Mississippi
10.Tempe, Arizona
11.Ithaca, New York
12.Albuquerque, New Mexico
13.Burlington, Vermont
14.El Paso, Texas
15.Portland, Maine
16.Albany, New York
17.Sioux Falls, South Dakota
18.Iowa City, Iowa
19.Chapel Hill, North Carolina
20.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
21.Athens, Ohio
22.Tallahassee, Florida
23.Fargo, North Dakota
24.Ames, Iowa
25.Little Rock, Arkansas