NDSU Censors Pro-Lifers

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

When liberals serve as academics by day and politicos by night, which one do you think wins out? “What happens if you’re both a Democrat district chairwoman in your state’s party and also the vice-provost at North Dakota State University?” Students For Life of America ask. “If you’re Laura Oster-Aaland, you use your position as a vice-provost to send out a warning e-mail about your school’s own Students for Life group bringing medically accurate pictures, which are non-graphic, of what happens during an abortion to campus.”

“Oster-Aaland doesn’t just work as a vice provost of the school– she is also a district chairwoman for the Democratic Party and active in the North Dakota Women’s Network, a liberal group that is close with Planned Parenthood. The group hosts Feminist First Fridays and held a political activism training with Planned Parenthood.”