Newspaper Reporter Still the Worst Job in America

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Editor’s Note: Here’s why you need to get a second opinion for whatever career advice your university offers you.

For the second year in a row, and third out of the last four, being a newspaper reporter ranks as the worst job in America.

The Jobs Rated Report has been compiled by CareerCast since 1988, and ranks 200 U.S. jobs based on a wide range of criteria that includes income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands.

Just ahead of newspaper reporter is the job of logger/lumberjack, which finished at number 199 for the second straight year after being dead last in 2014.

Another media-related job—broadcaster—came in at number 198, with an equally glum outlook for the future.

For some people leaving the news business was a sigh of relief, according to CareerCast:

‘The news business has changed drastically over the years, and not in a good way,’ says former Broadcaster Ann Baldwin, president of Baldwin Media PR in New Britain, Connecticut. ‘When people ask me if I miss it, I tell them ‘I feel as if I jumped off of a sinking ship.’’

Baldwin’s time in the media, working at TV stations in the Rocky Mountains as well as Hartford, Connecticut, helped prepare her for her new career—providing public relations solutions and crisis management for businesses.

Even though job losses in the print and broadcast news business have generally slowed from a few years ago, both groups are still under intense pressure to rein in costs and improve profits.

CareerCast’s outlook for both newspaper reporters and broadcasters predicts negative growth of 9% through 2024, which means that these high stress, low paying, jobs are likely to remain among the worst jobs in America for the foreseeable future.

Editor’s Note: The original post was posted at Accuracy in Media’s website.