None Dare Call It Sovereignty

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Lectures at the Cato Institute do not necessarily deliver conservative college professors, although they may be the most conservative college professors the organizers at Cato, or anywhere else can find. “In his new book, Republic in Peril, David C. Hendrickson advances a critique of American policy since the end of the Cold War,” the Institute announces of an upcoming event featuring a political science professor from Colorado College. “America’s outsized military spending and global commitments, he argues, undermine rather than uphold international order.”

“They raise rather than reduce the danger of war, imperiling both American security and domestic liberty. An alternative path lies in a new internationalism in tune with the United Nations Charter and the philosophy of republican liberty embraced by America’s Founders.”

Arguably the global commitments are outsized but the military spending has been either, depending on your perspective, been either downsized or rightsized over the past decade. Moreover, shouldn’t Americans give the founders of the the US primacy over the founders of the UN, who include Alger Hiss?