Obama Ed Sec Scores Trump Ed Budget

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

In another dog bites man story, former President Obama’s Secretary of Education attacked President Trump’s Education budget. “The Trump administration’s budget released today continues a relentless assault on the American Dream with over $3.8 billion in cuts to vital education programs and services that support and protect students and families, especially those most underserved,” John King states. “Through this budget proposal, the administration has revealed that their priorities have not changed — priorities that actively dismantle the nation’s safety net; reverse progress for students of color, low-income students and their families; and jeopardize the nation’s future prosperity.”

“I hope that Congress will reject this proposal and continue on its current path toward funding the government at levels that expand opportunity for more Americans.”

Just as predictably, the Trump Administration’s explanation is nowhere near as exciting as King’s attack, although it could well be more accurate: “The Budget eliminates funding for 29 discretionary programs that do not address national needs, duplicate other programs, are ineffective, or are more appropriately supported with State, local, or private funds.”


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  1. Stephen Karetzky

    February 15, 2018 6:23 am

    Thanks for providing a link to the President’s budget. I love his plans for “heyer edjukashun.” I was in that racket for decades after getting my doctorate from Columbia University. Long a member of Accuracy in Academia, it is now better than ever, thanks to you.

    I recently wrote letters to various administrators at Berkeley for hinting in one of their health newsletter that Trump is “narcissistic.” This goes against the code of ethics for those working in psychology, which forbids such statements about people one hasn’t personally met and analyzed. No response yet. But in the process, I came across the website of Berkeley’s Chancellor. She was hysterical about Trump’s proposed changes. Delightful! Incidentally, the former Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, has stated that Obama is the most narcissistic person he ever met. One can also see this from his two books published shortly before he first ran for president.

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