Pagan Invasion On Campus

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The University of Missouri’s “Guide to Religion” includes nearly 10 Wiccan and Pagan observances that professors are asked to consider when scheduling homework or tests. Students are asked to weigh the pagan festivals as they develop campus activities as well, the guide states.

The guide, created as one part of the school’s recently launched “Chancellor’s Diversity Initiatives,” suggests educators try to avoid due dates or exams on holidays listed therein.

“We also hope that the information … will be valuable to those planning classroom activities and other academic and co-curricular events,” the guide states.

In addition to many other religious holidays, the guide lists eight separate Wiccan and pagan celebrations, observances and festivals: the Autumn equinox; the Wiccan New Year, also known as Halloween; the Winter solstice; the Feast of Pan; the Spring equinox; Beltane, the fire festival; the summer solstice; and the Lammas harvest celebration.


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