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The ‘Resource Curse’ Theory is Wrong

, Spencer Irvine

In a recent policy analysis by the libertarian think tank Cato Institute, Peter Kaznacheev claimed that the oft-used academic theory of a “resource curse” is erroneous and mistaken. Kaznacheev is the director at the Centre…

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Middlebury’s Muddled Mission

, Malcolm A. Kline

Academia today abounds in ironies, although, more often than not, the irony is lost on the denizens of academe itself. By now, the mobbing of conservative scholar Charles Murray at Middlebury College in Vermont has…

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How Taxpayers Fund Anti-Trump Protests

, Cliff Kincaid

On “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump declared, in regard to the protests against him, “I think that President Obama’s behind it because his people are certainly behind it.” Once again, Trump has struck gold….

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