Parallel Universe at U Mich

, Malcolm A. Kline, 2 Comments

After last year’s presidential election, most of us adjusted to a change of political parties and administrations in the White House. Academia had to adjust to the transition from a dream world to a nightmare.

“I’m still trying to process the implications of the election and I admit to being overwhelmed with uncertainty and very concerned,” University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel wrote in an e-mail on November 10, 2016. “Unlike anything I ever lived through.”

“Students rallied on the Diag yesterday night and the speakers all expressed fear about their place in American society and on campus. I was only able to reassure them about the latter.”

The e-mails were obtained by the Mackinac Center and reported on by The Daily Caller. “There is now even more important work for us to do pushing back against the idea that facts don’t matter, that science isn’t relevant to decision making and that people without white skin don’t belong here,” President Schlissel wrote.

One wonders where he found that in the Republican Party platform last year.