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Corporate America to East Coast Elitists: Take a hike!

That’s one way to interpret the fact that business recruiters now rank Penn State, Virginia Tech and Purdue among the top 25 schools that produce the most qualified college graduates, according to a Wall Street Journal study.

Asked by the Journal to rate majors and schools that

“best prepare students to land jobs that are satisfying, well-paid and have growth potential, . . . recruiters made clear they preferred big state schools over elite liberal arts schools, such as the Ivies.”

The results showed that while recruiters still hire Ivy League grads,“far fewer ranked them as top picks.”

“We have none of the basic bread-and-butter courses that serve you well in much of industry,” said Harvard economics professor Claudia Goldin, who explained that more than 55 percent of graduates went on to pursue a doctorate degree within a few years of graduation.

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