Pepperdine Students Claim Columbus Statue is a ‘Celebration of Genocide’

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

College students at the posh, close-to-the-beach Pepperdine University are complaining about a statue of Christopher Columbus:

Pepperdine University students spent their day off Monday protesting Christopher Columbus’ “culturally insensitive form of international exploration” and demanding that an on-campus statue of him be removed.

According to The Pepperdine Graphic, at least 40 students gathered around the donated statue Monday to issue a statement to their school’s administration that called the holiday a “celebration of genocide and racial oppression.”

The statement also blamed the statue for prioritizing “nominally esteemed university donors above the cultural acceptance and personal experience of marginalized students” while memorializing “an avoidance from wholly enhancing the inclusivity of Seaver College.”