Politically Incorrect NYU Professor Sues Colleagues for Defamation

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Michael Rectenwald, a liberal studies professor at New York University (NYU), is known on Twitter for making fun of liberals, their political ideology and academia in general. Now, he is suing four of his colleagues for allegedly disparaging remarks about him on an e-mail thread to other faculty members.

The four defendants in the case are associate professor Jacqueline Bishop, adjunct professor Amber Forst, professor Carley Moore and ex-assistant professor Theresa Senft. Per the lawsuit, Rectenwald accused the four defendants of “malicious” comments and that NYU did not stop the disparaging comments.

He accused them of calling him an “Adderall-filled bully” and “right-wing misogynist,” among other insults.

The university spokesman said that the lawsuit is “without merit.”