Privilege Walk on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is About Active Sex Life, Having Books

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

It’s a confusing narrative, really:

A “privilege walk,” according to a resource at the University of Michigan, is an exercise in which students “stand in a straight line in the middle of an empty room” while a moderator reads from a list of examples of privilege and students correspondingly “take one step backward” or “one step forward.” Some examples the University of Michigan provides for a “privilege walk” are:

“If you ever felt unsafe because of your sexual orientation, take one step back.”

“If there were more than 50 books in your house growing up, take one step forward.”

“If you studied the culture of your ancestors in elementary school, take one step forward.”

“If you were sexually active with several people and it would improve your social reputation in other people’s eyes, take one step forward.”