Professor Blamed Trump and Rhetoric for the Shooting of GOP Rep. Steve Scalise

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Huh? A college professor at Central Connecticut State University blamed President Trump and his rhetoric for sparking anger in the left-wing, Bernie Sanders-supporting shooter who shot and wounded GOP congressman Steve Scalise and several others this past week.


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  1. Dennis Karoleski

    June 19, 2017 12:11 pm

    It’s all part of the Democratic Parties alternate universe belief system adapted from the tried and true Saul Alinsky/Soviet style Communism play book of using propaganda for controlling weak and fearful minds. The Communists and, yes, the Nazis adapted it from the centuries old religious methods so effectively used to incite the faithful to commit atrocities up to this day. The Democratic Party sends wild-eyed Burnie and Hillary thugs to Trump rallies to cause violence and disrupt the proceedings. When Trump rightfully calls for the payed disruptors to be ejected the media typically reports violence at Trump rally as if the Trump supporters were the antagonists. We used to call that rotten tactic “the pot calling the kettle black” but it appears some alternate universe liberals are so politically correct they actually consider that colloquialism a “racial slur”. So in this wacked out professors “mind” President’s Trump’s rhetoric and support for the constructional guaranteed right to own firearms somehow justifies a rabid Democrat hater to murder Republicans. Notice he spews the very same irrational illogic used by fundamentalist Muslim jihadists to murder infidels and kafirs, who in their twisted minds, “insulted” Allah by not worshiping him and must all die horrible deaths. The thread controlling all three; Democrats, Communists, and Muslims is the taboo against verbalizing unapproved thoughts you know as politically incorrect speech. The concept that questioning any part of the dogma makes you a bad person in the Democratic Party will get you called names, your property damaged or your job lost. Voicing those questions or thoughts in the Communist Party or Muslim Religion may very well result in your imprisonment or death. Time to remember professors like this had the funds to stay in school becoming professional students and eventually achieved tenure. That doesn’t necessarily mean he knows jack about anything outside his chosen field. In fact he has spent so much of his life concentrating on his field probably means he had precious little time to learn about anything else, consequently the term “educated idiot” might account for his alternate universe comments.

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