Professor: There is ‘Toxic Masculine Capitalism’ in Disney Film ‘Beauty and the Beast’

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Apparently, the Disney film classic “Beauty and the Beast” contains “toxic masculine capitalism,” according to one college professor:

Bryant Sculos, who teaches politics at Florida International University, argues in an academic journal article that Gaston and the Beast, the two male protagonists of the story, are emblematic of “toxic masculinity” in both the 1991 animated version of the film and the 2017 live-action remake, albeit in different ways.

“The beauty of the 1991 Beauty and the Beast is that it taught young boys that sometimes the sensitive, intellectual guy could ‘win’ the heart of the beautiful woman,” Sculos notes, later adding that “the portrayals of toxic masculinity in the original animated feature and the more recent live-action remake are quite similar—with one categorical exception: the role of others in the (re)production of that toxic masculinity.”