Public $chools In Texas A Growth Industry

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Well, okay, they’re not industrial, but some of them offer salaries that would make industrialists envy. “Do public schools in Texas pay $232,000 for coordinating PE classes?” Adam Andrzejewski wrote in a column which appeared in Forbes on July 18, 2018. “What about paying $340,000 to a high school music teacher and $127,000 to a librarian?”

“Our auditors at found 7,327 Texas public school administrators, athletic directors, teachers, and other employees pulled down six-figure salaries costing taxpayers nearly $1 billion. In fiscal year 2017, superintendents earned as much as $450,000; “executive directors for assessment and compliance” received up to $302,820; and principals made as much as $313,870.”

Andrzejewski is the CEO and Founder of