Ranks Thin At GWU

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Colleges and universities rarely teach cause and effect anymore and it shows. Consider: George Washington University’s drop in the U. S. News rankings on the heels of its student government wrist slap of its former president for the kind of behavior that drives Republican lawmakers out of office.

“U. S. News and World Report ranked GW 54th in its annual listing of the nation’s top 100 undergraduate programs, a rank on par with the University’s decade-long, near-50 showing on the list,” Andrew Ramonas reported in a story posted on the GW Hatchet online on August 17th. “The University fell from its previous rank of number 52 and shares this year’s spot with Pepperdine University and University of Maryland.”

“GW was listed in the top 50 when it garnered the 46th position in the 1998 U. S. News rankings.” Meanwhile, “Student Judicial Services found last year’s Student Association President Lamar Thorpe guilty of disorderly conduct for ‘lewd and indecent behavior,’ and not guilty of sexual harassment and alcohol charges, according to SJS documents given to The Hatchet,” David Ceasar reported in a story that appeared in that same online edition on that same day. “Thorpe declined to comment on the outcome of his case, only saying ‘what are you talking about?’ when contacted by The Hatchet.”

“In an interview last month, he said he has not ‘had any judicial proceedings going on’ and called accounts to the contrary ‘great stories’ generated by his enemies.”

The world is this kid’s oyster. With this on his CV, he can go for either a tenure-track faculty opening or a Democratic congressional seat.

News flash
: One-fifth of public school students in the District of Columbia were absent on the first day of class, The Washington Times reported. Did they miss much?

Malcolm A. Kline is the executive director of Accuracy in Academia.