Rutgers University Spends a Week to Praise Alumnus who was an Avowed Communist

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Rutgers University administrators show their true communist colors:

Rutgers University recently dedicated an entire week to celebrate Paul Robeson, an avowed communist who spoke out vehemently against the U.S. government during the post-WWII era.

Robeson, who graduated from Rutgers in 1919, once declared after a visit to the Soviet Union: “From what I have already seen of the workings of the Soviet government, I can only say that anyone who lifts his hand against it ought to be shot!”

The “I Am Robeson Week” Facebook page praised Robeson as “Rutgers University’s most esteemed alumnus” and “one of the most dynamic public figures of the 20th century with accolades as an athlete, actor, singer, cultural scholar, author, and international human rights activist.”