Scenes From the Student Debt Crisis

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“College student loan debt now surpasses $1 trillion,” Vicki Alger from the Independent Women’s Forum pointed out last summer. If you look at the Chattering Classes, you can see part of what it is paying for:

Rewarding Bad Behavior

October 4, 2012

3 presidents at public colleges, including Penn State’s Graham Spanier, made more than a million in 2010-2011. —Chronicle of Higher Education almanac.


The Ultimate Corporate Welfare

September 27, 2012

36 college presidents made more than one million dollars in 2009–Chronicle of Higher Education almanac. —Chronicle of Higher Education almanac.


Sharing the Wealth, Not

September 20, 2012

While everybody else was taking cuts in pay and benefits, executive pay went up 4.9 % in colleges—Chronicle of Higher Education almanac.


Presiding Over Failure

September 13, 2012

The want ads of the last Chronicle of Higher Education in August feature 15 pages of faculty jobs, 9 pages of administrative positions and another 3 of “executive positions.” Aren’t we getting a bit bureaucratic?


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