Scholar Scores Corrosive Culture

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

At least one public intellectual has come up with a critical read on modern day culture that is worth reviewing, and not just because it will make feminists howl. “Modern works, inspired or influenced by secular humanism, can be likened to the divorcee who has deserted the Bridegroom and wandered off into the dark wood of disenchantment,” Joseph Pearce writes in The Imaginative Conservative. “Such works have value insofar as they reflect the virtues of the rejected Bridegroom, albeit unknowingly, but they lose their cultural worth insofar as they succumb to the viciousness, falsehood, and ugliness of the Bridegroom’s real absence.”

Now it might be hard to analogize modern culture and wedding nights gone wrong but it is not difficult to apply terms to the former such as vicious, false and ugly. BTW, Pearce is Senior Editor at the Augustine Institute, and Tolkien & Lewis Chair in Literary Studies at Holy Apostles College & Seminary.