School Bullies

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A couple of weeks ago, a local state representative was invited to come to my son’s high school government class. I assume it was to have someone who’s actually in government to describe the policy process from a first hand perspective. He’s lucky it didn’t really get “political….”

Under normal circumstances (like talking to adults) this kind of presentation would be acceptable as the recipients of the message could apply life experience and take from the speech what they would. Children however, have no such life experience and from their perspective, the presenter must be correct. In their reality, the teacher is always right since they give out the grades that determine that child’s future.

Liberals, who dominate the teaching profession, are obviously abusing this position of authority, and they’re cowards for doing so. There’s any number of conservatives who’d be honored to debate a teacher in the classroom setting. If you’re confident about your positions, why not defend them with someone who can at least fight back. Then again, that would take courage. Brainwashing kids does not.

“More than 1,000 students, many from Twin Cities high schools, skipped out on class and headed to the University of Minnesota to join a protest of the war in Iraq.

The rally Wednesday, organized by Youth Against War and Racism and the Socialist Alternative, began at Coffman Memorial Union and ended in front of the Army and Navy recruiting offices on Washington at Oak Street. The students also protested the presence of military recruiters on campus.

“It’s important to be part of something that will make a difference,” said Andrew Worrall, 17, a Roseville Area High School student who snapped pictures for the student newspaper. He added: “Even if people don’t think it’s going to make a difference.”

Police estimated the crowd at a little more than 1,000 people while protest organizer Ty Moore of Socialist Alternative put the number closer to 1,500.”
– Associated Press, Thursday November 3, 2005

We’re all friends here, so let’s be honest. This isn’t liberal indoctrination, per se. This is Democrat Party recruiting, and recruiting to the most innocent and gullible in our society: the children. Can anyone tell me the difference between recruiting for the Army and recruiting for the Democrats?

An Army recruiter cannot come into a classroom without an invitation. A student can say “no” to a recruiter. Democrat ideology enters the moment the majority of teachers come into the classroom. It’s not subtle, and children whose upbringing may contest the notions dictated by a teacher, are forced into silence since an honest exchange of ideas are not what these teachers want. They want to make little liberals, pure and simple.

Bob Parks is a former congressional candidate (California 24th District), Navy vet, single dad, graphic designer, life-long New England Patriots fan, and member of the National Advisory Council of Project 21 for which he also writes. This article is excerpted from a longer piece which you can read at