School Survey: 9 of 10 Educators Claim They’ve Seen a Negative Impact on Students’ Mood since Trump Won

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Rethinking Schools conducted an online survey, in conjunction with the Southern Poverty Law Center, on the post-Trump school climate. Here are their findings:

The results of the over 25,000 responses were frightening:

  • Nine out of 10 said they’d seen a negative impact on students’ mood and behavior since the election.
  • Four out of 10 have heard derogatory language directed at students of color, Muslims, immigrants, and people based on gender or sexual orientation.

Just two examples:

  • “A group of white students held up a Confederate flag during the pledge of allegiance at a school-wide assembly.” — High school counselor, Arizona

  • “I’ve had a lot of students repeat the phrase ‘Trump that bitch’ in my class, and make jokes about Hispanic students ‘going back to Mexico.’” — High school teacher, Georgia