Screaming ‘Fascist’

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“I’m as happy to be here as Roman Polanski at a Hannah Montana concert” began Jonah Goldberg at Accuracy in Media’s 40th Anniversary Conference on October 23rd.

Goldberg, Editor-at-large for the National Review Online, attacked the gloom among conservatives, arguing that desperate liberal attacks on conservativism are actually a hopeful sign. “Cheer up,” he chaffed, “for the worst is yet to come.”

On the loss of civility in the media:

  • “I think that rudeness for its own sake is one of the hallmarks of asininity.”

On liberal attacks of conservatives:

  • “It seem to me that, you know, screaming racist, when someone is talking about the deficit, is a sign of intellectual weakness.”
  • “If I’m talking about why you can’t have universal coverage and cut costs, and you call me a bigot, it doesn’t seem to me that’s the most incredible indictment of my actuarial argument.”
  • “…the best definition of a fascist today is simply a conservative who’s winning an argument”

On Walter Cronkite’s “and that’s the way it is”:

  • “…this omniscient, godlike, divine proclamation of the epistemological and ontological state of affairs for that day.”

On the economy:

  • “right now the auto industry is owned by… the labor unions, the federal government and essentially the democratic party. Who here doubts that that’s not going to create really awesome cars?”

Sarah Carlsruh is an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia.

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