Shariah Gets Another Reprieve

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A system of law abusive to women and fatal to homosexuals is being treated with veneration by the nation’s most liberal public school systems.

The body of Shariah law that the world’s most deadly Islamic dictatorships embrace avidly is approached with greater respect in Texas public schools than Christianity, citizens of the Lone Star state allege. In this, Texas is not unlike California.

The difference is that Texans are fighting back, and winning, at least symbolic victories. The Shariah adherents, some of whom still practice slavery, got something of a reprieve.

“The most debated item on the board’s Friday agenda was a non-binding resolution brought to the board by Randy Rives, a citizen from Odessa, who felt that Islam was given more favorable treatment in 1999 editions of history textbooks than was Christianity,” the Texas Education Agency reported on September 24, 2010. “Those textbooks have been replaced by newer editions but some people contended that the newer textbooks provided similar coverage.”

“The resolution, which narrowly passed initially on a 7-6 vote with two members absent, concludes by saying that the board ‘will look to reject future prejudicial social studies submissions that continue to offend Texas law with respect to treatment of the world’s major religious groups by significant inequalities of coverage spacewise and/or by demonizing or lionizing one or more of them over others.’”

“Social studies textbooks are currently scheduled to be adopted or given approval to be purchased with state funds in 2012, with the new books going into classrooms in 2013. However, the board has not yet issued this proclamation due to the predicted budget deficit expected to occur over the next two years or more.”

Meanwhile, the texts which characterize Islamic invaders of old as “empire builders” will stay in stock with no supplementary text to provide a more complete picture of Islam which would show the extreme side as well as the more moderate elements. Ironically, for the former, the school board could go to the translated texts available in Islamic schools.

One of these, What Islam Is All About, describes Shariah not as the equivalent of church canon law but as the “law of the land.” That same text claims that under the right circumstances lying is permitted and gives “six reasons permitting slander.”

By the way, one of the groups which, predictably, weighed in on the Texas standards was the Council on American Islamic Relations. “It’s clearly just an attempt to propagandize the state’s student population against the faith of Islam,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper told ABC-News. “Somehow they were getting too rosy a picture of Islam.”

I had a much more difficult time getting Hooper to denounce Yassir Arafat when the plutocrat terrorist founder of Hamas was still alive. In fact, Hooper never did.

“A particularly telling indication of the stealth jihad agenda comes from Omar Ahmad, one of the founders of the [Muslim] Brotherhood’s Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial for funding international terrorism from the United States,” the Center for Security Policy (CSP) found. “Ahmad made a reference to the MB’s dual messaging, a form of esoteric communication in which words seem innocuous to the uninitiated, but which have definite meaning for those duly indoctrinated.”

“I believe that our problem is that we stopped working underground,” Ahmad said. “We will recognize the source of any message which comes out of us.”

“I mean, if a message is publicized, we will know…, the media person among us will recognize that you send two messages: one to the Americans and one to the Muslims.”

A slew of military and intelligence veterans signed onto the CSP report which is entitled, Shariah: The Threat to America.

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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