Starr Critiques “Al Qaeda 7” Ad

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My column today deals with media coverage of the recent Keep America Safe (KAS) ad and the connections between the Little Rock, Fort Hood and Christmas Day attacks.

For an alternate perspective, Pepperdine University’s Ken Starr recently appeared on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown (with a guest host).

Author of the Starr Report and Dean of Pepperdine’s Law School, Starr said that it’s very important “for lawyers to be willing to take on unpopular causes,” making sure that power is checked and that there are arguments  “advanced on behalf of those who’ve been subjected to governmental power.”

“So this is in the finest traditions of our country,” he argued. This February Baylor University announced that Starr will be its 14th President.

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“… I hope school children still learn about the example of John Adams—because we certainly teach it in law school—John Adams taking on the British Redcoats who of course were charged with the Boston Massacre and some colonialists were killed, some patriots were killed, and so Boston was inflamed by this in terms of popular opinion, but John Adams considered that one of his finest hours to take on that representation and he successfully defended seven of the British troops who were charged with this very serious crimes. …”

As Malcolm Kline notes in “Modernization or Memory Hole,” North Carolina is considering removing anything before 1877 from its high school curriculum. Yes, that would necessarily abrogate any mention of John Adams from the state’s high schools.

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Bethany Stotts is a staff writer at Accuracy in Academia.