Student Activities for Some

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One good way to gauge the political climate on a campus is by looking at the activities the university sanctions. “A marijuana advocacy group at Northern Illinois University could be effectively banned from the school’s campus, opening up the potential for a First Amendment case against the institute of higher learning,” Jeff Winkler wrote in The Daily Caller on December 8, 2010. “And like smoking weed itself, the case is bringing together several odd coalitions, as questions are being raised about the school’s definition of student organization, which appears to cover pro-choice and antiwar groups but not religious-tolerance organizations and pro-marijuana legalization advocates.

“Northern Illinois’ definition of “political and religious” and “social justice, advocacy” groups means organizations like the NIU Atheists, Agnostics, and Free Thinkers; Advocates for Choice; and Campus Antiwar Network have access to funds to promote their causes. Those denied funding include Christian, Jewish, and Muslim organizations; the Model U.N.; and the Committee for the Preservation of Wildlife.”

“University students are required to pay a mandatory activity fee, usually administered by the student government, that allows all student groups access to those funds. Once student groups prove they put the funds to good use (such as setting up and promoting educational events), the student government divvies out the fee.”

Could the answer be to insist that the students who want to participate in the activity bear the cost of it so that those supporting it are actually choosing what they want to be active in?

Meanwhile, Meghan McCain tweeted about some of the student activities at her alma mater: “Columbia University was busted for a drug ring??? The most scandalous thing I ever saw as an undergrad was sex in the stacks.”

Indeed, on November 29, 2006, John Gibson of Fox News reported that at Columbia “It seems study groups are being taken to a new level. Call it ‘Wild Sex 101.’”

“The New York Daily News is reporting — and some of our own sources at Columbia University are backing this up — that S&M clubs, nude parties, x-rated romps are all part of a day’s work at the school.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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