Study: American Businesses Benefit from Immigration, Taxpayers Don’t

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photo by Britt Selvitelle

photo by Britt Selvitelle

This is an interesting summary by the Center for Immigration Studies on a recent study by the National Academies (known as NAS):

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have just published a report examining the fiscal and economic impact of immigration. Below is the Center for Immigration Studies’ analysis of the report.

Overall, the report by the National Academies (NAS) shows that immigration, legal and illegal, does create an economic benefit for native-born Americans, but this benefit is generated by reducing the wages of native-born workers, often the least-educated and poorest. Earlier waves of immigrants also are impacted. By lowering wages, immigration provides higher incomes and profits for businesses. The NAS also finds that immigrants (legal and illegal) at the present time create a net fiscal deficit (taxes paid minus services used) that is as large as or larger than the economic benefit. However, the immigrants themselves do benefit by coming here.

Photo by Britt Selvitelle