Subsidizing Questionable Science

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When there is no private sector push for a scientific breakthrough, maybe it is not such a breakthrough after all. “Researchers from the University of Michigan have created the first embryonic stem cell line developed in the state and the line is making news as Detroit hosts the World Stem Cell Summit,” Steven Ertelt reports on “However, a pro-life group is disappointed by the news because the obtaining of the cells came at the death of an unborn child.”

“Scientist Gary Smith, who derived the line, told the Detroit News that the establishment of the line of human embryonic cells is a ‘big step forward’ because other researchers can work with them.”

“However, he admitted it is a long way from establishing the line to curing diseases—if that ever happens because the use of embryonic stem cells in animals still causes the development of tumors and the cells are rejected by the immune system.”

“The human being who was destroyed for is or her stem cells is known as UM4-6, implying there are more people who were killed at the very earliest stages of their lives to establish the stem cell line.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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