The Greener, The Better

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Although students in Michigan aren’t exactly flying high in the reading and math stratosphere these days, they’ll certainly get the best in green education if the state government has anything to say about it.

Back in 2006, the state government mandated a “green school” law, according to, which rewarded schools whose programs included at last one-half of the following options:

  • Making sure their school “has adopted an endangered species animal and posted a picture of it in a main traffic area.”
  • That students participate in “a planned program of energy savings, including dusting coils on cafeteria refrigerators . . . seeing how plants and trees strategically placed can save energy, and checking proper inflation on bus tires and other school vehicles once a month.”
  • That the school be visited by an “ecological spokesman, a representative of the Sierra Club, an endangered animal species show, or a similar presentation.”
  • That “the school has solar power presentations or experiments, such as a solar cookout.”
  • That “the school’s classes visit internet sites where clicking saves rainforest habitat.”

Despite the fact that the entire global warming fiasco is suffering a glacial meltdown, nearly 500 Michigan schools seem determined to “indoctrinate students as green missionaries” and believe it not, this year state legislators might even award upgraded status to certain schools that will henceforth be known as “Emerald Schools.”

Deborah Lambert writes the Squeaky Chalk column for Accuracy in Academia.


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