The Silencers

, Karen England, Leave a comment

we wrote about the upcoming Day of Silence in public schools, which is a
platform for homosexuals to claim they are silenced and marginalized. You would
think that homosexuals claiming to be “silenced” would be especially sympathetic
to other people trying to express their viewpoints. Not so.

Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern expressed her concerns that the
homosexual agenda is destroying our nation and that young children are being
indoctrinated into believing that the homosexual lifestyle is normal, she
received 30,000 e-mails, most of them “vulgar, abusive and threatening”
according to her attorney.

“Radical homosexual groups are attempting to
curtail Rep. Kern’s constitutional rights to free speech and use that speech as
a platform to push for anti- Christian ‘hate crimes’ laws,” stated Richard
Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center. “In effect, their goal is to
criminalize Christians and Christian beliefs.”

Ironically, when Kern made
her comments she stated that “the very fact I’m talking to you like this today
puts me in jeopardy.” These words were prophetic, as now Kern is forced to be
accompanied by a state trooper to ensure her safety.

“[E-mail] jamming
is pure intimidation,” said David Kupelian, managing editor of World Net Daily.
“And what homosexual activists are doing right now to Sally Kern is a grotesque
case of jamming. Basically, they’re trying to silence her by threatening,
intimidating, harassing and frightening her until she can’t take any more abuse.
No dialogue, no debate – just crush her. That’s their game. It’s despicable, and
utterly un-American.”