Trinity College President Criticizes Alumna Kellyanne Conway for Role in Trump Administration

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Is it smart to criticize a donor and alumna from your university or college in public, especially an influential female figure in the current presidential administration? Not so sure about that, Trinity College:

According to Inside Higher Ed, President Patricia McGuire blasted Trump and Conway in a blog post on the college’s website concerning Lies and the Truths We Must Tell, accusing Conway of helping to facilitate the administration’s use of deliberately misleading statements

“I’m not sure I would ever be picked to be the president of [a conservative] college, nor would I seek it.”    

“We Americans study the history of tyranny and exclaim, ‘That’s terrible, but it would not happen here!’ as we congratulate ourselves on the robust state of our democracy,” McGuire states, but asserts that “the experience of the last few months now exposes this once-confident boast as terribly naive and perhaps even dangerous as a new administration indulges in a remarkable torrent of false and misleading statements as a basis for policy and action.”