UM Disciplines Professor Who Wouldn’t Write Recommendation

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

This time when they told him not to let politics interfere with his professional duties, they actually attached punishments. “The University of Michigan has disciplined a professor who ignited controversy last month when he rescinded an offer of a recommendation letter for a student to study in Israel,” Martin Stagter wrote in The Ann Arbor News on October 10, 2018. “John Cheney-Lippold, an associate professor of American Culture at UM, is no longer eligible for a merit pay increase for the 2018-19 academic year.”

“The university has also frozen his sabbatical eligibility for two years, until the fall of 2020. Cheney had scheduled a sabbatical for the winter 2019 and will now have to wait until fall of 2020 to take it.”