UNC Faculty Threaten Teachout Over Silent Sam

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Professors at the University of North Carolina are threatening a walkout if Confederate Statue Silent Sam, pulled down last summer, gets a new home anywhere near campus. Although students might not notice if they don’t teach, they will probably observe that they aren’t getting graded. “University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill faculty members are threatening not to teach during the first week of the spring semester if the school approves a proposal to house in a new $5 million building a Confederate statue torn down by protesters,” Adam Sabes reports on Campus Reform. “Faculty members from the UNC-CH School of Education and other departments signed a letter stating that they will not teach during the first week of the spring semester if the Board of Governors approves the Silent Sam proposal during a scheduled meeting on Dec. 14. UNC education policy Ph.D. student James Sadler tweeted out the letter.”

“The threat comes amid a grading strike consisting of TAs and faculty who are withholding final grades in protest of the Board of Trustees decision to approve the $5 million plan.”