University of Chicago Student Government Unhappy with Steve Bannon’s Speech at the University

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The freedom of speech extends to all Americans, even if it is hate speech, under the First Amendment. Despite this knowledge, some members of the student government at the University of Chicago are unhappy with the business school’s invitation for Steve Bannon. Bannon is a former adviser to President Donald Trump and has voiced strong opinions on topics such as immigration and globalism.

The university has made a strong emphasis on respecting the freedom of speech in recent years, regardless of political affiliations. One professor, Luigi Zingales, pointed out that academics should experience first-hand someone who disagrees with liberals and academics on immigration due to the rise of President Trump and anti-globalist sentiment.

Members of the university’s student government claimed that Bannon’s speech could lead to another white supremacist car attack, similar to the one in Charlottesville, Virginia last year:

As we saw in Charlottesville, speakers like Richard Spencer or Steve Bannon attract dangerous and violent supporters. Our campus has already had several prior incidents with such individuals intimidating students. The threat posed by Bannon is real and immediate.

Photo by Gage Skidmore