University of Iowa Held Three-Day Workshop on White Privilege

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Apparently, white privilege is a major concern for the University of Iowa, enough so that they held a three-day event discussing it with students:

The latest example comes from the University of Iowa, which recently hosted a three-day event called “Exploring White Identity for Effective Allyship,” composed of dialogue, panel discussions and interactive exercises for attendees.

Headed up by the university’s Chief Diversity Office, the event in late March had an expressed aim for “White identified people to discuss Whiteness and its privileges with other White people. This can be the first step to eliminating tokenism and increasing responsibility among allies to eliminate racism,” according to a flier promoting the event.


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  1. Dan

    May 9, 2017 9:30 am

    First they came for Duke Lacrosse and I said nothing becasue i was not member of Duke Lacrosse.
    Then they came for UVA Phi Psi and i said nothing becasue I was not a frat boy.
    Then they came for George Zimmerman and I said nothing becasue i was not George Zimmerman.
    Then they came for Darren Wilson and I said nothing because i was not Darren Wilson.Then they came for me, the anonymous white guy.
    And some day they will come for you(or your grandkids)
    But there will be no one to defend you.

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