University of Maryland President Quotes Wrong U.S. Motto in School E-mail

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wallace loh

In an email this week to students, University of Maryland President Wallace Loh outlining the reasons behind his request to the Board of Regents to rename the school’s football stadium, due to the racist past of a previous president for which the stadium is named, Loh managed to quote the wrong official motto of the United States:

“Our national motto engraved on our coins is E Pluribus Unum, one formed from many. The Founders of our Republic got it right. We are a diverse people, but we are united by common values and ideals. We are of many different backgrounds but ultimately we are one. What holds us together is a commitment to core values that transcend our differences. They are the moral glue that binds our pluralistic society. They are the values of UMCP today.”

Considering that “In God we Trust” has been the official national motto since 1956, it’s hard to figure out how Loh committed such an atrocious mistake, except to say that the official motto wouldn’t have fit his narrative as he caves to the left and practices revisionist history.

You can read his full statement here.