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Evansville, Ind.—Convicted criminal and violence promoting animal rights extremist, Gary Yourofsky, was invited to give a talk on “Ethical Veganism” to an “Introduction to Ethics” class here at USI on Monday April 2. A university press release invited the public as well.

I examined Yourofsky’s website, and found he supports murder and violence as part of his animal rights activism. For example, he states, “The time has come to forcibly free our family members [animals] from their captors, even if that means injuring or killing someone in the process.” Our university handbook states that outside speakers must “not advocate violation of any federal or state law.”

In addition, I discovered that a violent outburst by Yourofsky in 2003, led to the cancellation of his talk at
East Tennessee State University

. I pointed out these and numerous other facts to the administration (Provost Linda Bennett). The ethics professor who had invited him was forced to back down and cancel the talk four hours before it was to begin. Yourofsky has given nearly 1200 talks across the country in the past 10 years, so he doesn’t get cancelled very often.

Glen J. Kissel, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering at the University of Southern Indiana.


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  1. Cheap Torque

    July 22, 2016 5:47 am

    So let me get this straight…You went out of your way to criticize a person who is campaigning for the abolition of violence toward others for expressing the desire to use any means necessary to stop said violence inflicted upon innocents?

    I am certain that you support the use of necessary force, for example by police in order to protect innocents, when it suits you. Many social justice heroes throughout history resorted to the use of force because all other means of securing justice for innocents were either ineffective or had failed entirely. The name Nelson Mandela is but one such example which comes to mind…I suppose you would have been in support of those that imprisoned the subsequent South African President and Nobel Peace Prize winning apartheid abolitionist for 27 years of his adult life on charges of terrorism. If not, you certainly would have attempted to censor him from presenting anti-apartheid lectures at your university.

    Your idea of extremism is also questionable to say the least. Using any means necessary to protect passive innocents from violent acts is hardly extremism…Whether an act is extremist or not is relative to the situation. Police use violent and often deadly force on a daily basis, with full support of society and legal institutions, in order to protect innocents. Nobody cries extremism over this, because given the circumstances (with the exception of police misconduct) these actions are justified.

    Clearly your area of expertise is engineering, not history, not moral philosophy, not bioethics, and certainly not animal welfare. Attempting to censor Yourofsky from speaking is unjustifiable, appears malicious, and in my opinion is an embarrassment to the value of academic freedom.

    Not impressed at all.

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