University Professor Unhappy with President Trump’s Birthright Citizenship Stance

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An administrator at American University was unhappy with the birthright citizenship stance of President Donald Trump, in an e-mail to students during the week of midterm elections. American University is located in northwest Washington, D.C., hardly a hotbed of political moderates or conservatives.

In the e-mail, Fanta Aw said administrators are ready to counsel students who are stressed over the midterm elections, and then criticized President Donald Trump’s birthright stance. Aw said:

“There has also been provocative talk about unilaterally ending birthright citizenship…This talk has deeply disturbed people across the political spectrum. Our identity as a nation of immigrants and AU’s history as an institution that values global perspective and understanding are the firm foundations on which we stand up for immigrants and international members of our community.”

Aw is the vice president of campus life at the university.