What Elites Don’t Get

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There is a belief among elites that America’s prosperity stems from the Bible. Unfortunately, those elites are in China.

Their American counterparts are less perceptive. “There is a belief in China that American prosperity stems from Christianity,” California State University professor William Jeynes said at the Family Research Council (FRC) on September 23, 2010.

Jeynes, a professor of education at Cal State-Long Beach, has been invited to address Chinese scholars and officials on that very topic. Meanwhile, back in the states, “It is not a widespread belief in academia,” Jeynes said at FRC. “Our academics don’t get it.”

“Our government doesn’t get it.” Jeynes clearly does get it.

“Even Bill Clinton in a 1995 speech at James Madison University, said, ‘We’ve told our students to check their faiths at the door and, you know what, we’ve gone too far,’” Jeynes reminded his audience.

As he relayed to the audience at the FRC, in his research on the impact of faith and traditional values for children, Jeynes found that:

  • “The farther you get away from a two-parent family, the more negative the psychological impact on the children”
  • “Five to 10 million children in the United States don’t know who their daddy is” and
  • “Data don’t support that” “remarriage is good for kids.”
  • “Listen to the news reports of child abuse,” Jeynes points out. “It is almost always the non-biological parent committing it.”
  • “If you are the biological parent, there is just something in you that stops you from committing the abuse.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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