With Critics Like These….

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

When the appointed conservative debates the resident liberal at a conference, don’t expect sparks to fly, particularly when the former echoes the latter’s talking points. “We all know that this is a difficult time to talk about issues of race and class in this country, thanks to the extreme polarization and division, including on this issue,” Michael J. Petrilli president of the Thomas Fordham Institute said at the University of Southern California. “Of course, President Trump doesn’t make it any easier, as he shows no interest in bringing us together or bridging divides.”

“In fact, he seems intent on making the divides even larger, with his awful race-mongering at his rallies and in social media, and with many of the actions his administration is taking. This is why I was a Never Trumper, and why I left the Republican Party after Charlottesville. But the rest of us shouldn’t play his game. And especially when discussing these highly fraught issues around race, we should work extra hard to find common ground, and find solutions.” Note the paucity of evidence that accompanies the above assertions.