Writer: Obama has Expanded Unchecked Government Power

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Our friend George Leef with the insightful read on expanding government power under Barack Obama:

We face, as the book’s subtitle puts it, the unchecked expansion of the state. That unchecked power did not begin with Obama, but his administration has pushed us far into uncharted waters of uncontrolled executive power. As a result, the people’s liberty has taken a beating and the old concept of the rule of law has become a bad joke.

Readers will probably be at least somewhat familiar with most of the topics covered, including the legerdemain of Obamacare, the administration’s efforts to prevent people from acquiring guns and ammunition, the unprecedented aggression of the National Labor Relations Board in pushing unionism, Operation Choke Point’s illegal strangling of lawful businesses through abusive banking regulation, interference in state voting laws where it helps Democrats, the IRS’s targeting of groups that oppose Obama’s agenda, the funneling of settlement money into left-wing activist organizations, and much more.