You’re Getting Warm, Not

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

With their gift for seeing crises the rest of us cannot visualize, colleges and universities continue to believe in global warming, even while naysayers multiply outside of academia swayed merely by the lack of evidence for it. In this spirit of belief, the Bucknell University speaker series task force brought in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Kennedy’s qualifications as an outdoorsman, lawyer, environmental activist, and master falconer—while impressive—do not lead to the conclusion that he is a reputable energy expert or climate scientist,” Scott Henry writes in The Counterweight, the alternative newspaper on campus.

The Counterweight is published by the Bucknell University Conservatives Club. “Not surprisingly, Kennedy affirmed that the ‘biggest global challenge’ we face today is global warming,” Henry writes. “He failed, however, to mention the fact that there is no consensus in climate science concerning man-made global warming, and that there is legitimate evidence to support that such warming does not exist.”

“Kennedy then maligned those who dissent from the popular global warming mantra by equating them with ‘flat-earthers.’ The irony of Kennedy’s global warming hysteria was not lost on those who made their way to and from the Weis Center [where he spoke] while it was snowing.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.