13 Reasons Why the Modern Language Association was Lame

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To commemorate the liberal Modern Language Association (MLA) conference, here is a summary in the form of 13 tweets! Enjoy!

1. The elevators took too long to get people places! Even if stairs are within a couple of feet away!

mla elevators

2. Low standards for MLA panel attendance

low standards

3. Pictures of your book at an academic conference is oh-so-sexy

mla book tweet

4. Books are expensive

books are expensive tweet

5. Grad students’ job prospects are so bad, one guy suggested grant writing!

phds to grant writing

6. The convention was so boring, one guy joked about staying home and admiring his soap

stay home from mla

7. It was so bad that one attendee went home and binge-watched a TV show

recover from mla

8. There are confusing academic discussions like this:

confusing mla tweet

9. San Jose State University dean’s “Captain Obvious” Moment

sjsu prez

10. It was so disgusting that you had to “sweat” it out of your body

sweat mla

11. Apparently you can measure how “contagious” work is

contagious mla

12. Where’s GhostBusters when you need them?!

ghost conversion mla

13. One person said she was glad to spend time with family and not being at the Modern Language Association

avoid mla

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