5 Crazy Professors Caught on Video

, Brendan Cassell, 1 Comment

While there are way more incidences of crazy professors caught on video, here are five who will surely make wonder what has happened to today’s college campuses:

5 – At the beginning of the last school year, UT Austin decided to hold a “Cocks not Glocks” rally to protest a new Texas Law which would allow people to carry concealed weapons on public campuses. One professor saw this as an opportunity to not only express his distaste for guns, but for Jesus as well.

4 – This Professor felt became a little too triggered by a pro-trump march. He has since been suspended and the police are investigating whether or not to charge him for assault.

3 – Unable to handle being on camera, this professor calls in for some muscle to help get rid of a reporter. Because who needs the first amendment, right? She has since been fired from Missouri University. However she has been re hired by Gonzaga University

2 – You can only imagine what these police officers were thinking about this public intellectual.

1– How many other Professors are ANTIFA members? This one was caught on video on two other separate occasions beating people with his bike lock. This one however might be the worst. He has since been arrested.